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Multi Channel Video Door Phone

Video door Phone

Every homeowner is concerned about safety to a great extent. You may have many visitors at your doorstep. At times, strangers, intruders, salespersons and you just don't want to open it for them. It's at these junctures that video door phones play the vital role. You can engage in live conversations with the person without even opening your main door. With 2-way audio communications and video conferencing facilities, you will have the opportunity to see who's waiting outside. It can suppose that the video door phone systems considered as the finest protective device offering by Renown Powercam to fixed or even confidential residences.

Benefits of Video door phone

Unlock your door remotely

Open the door remotely without the hassle of visiting doors whenever a bell rings.

Communication without opening the door

With the two way microphone, you can now communicate with the visitor without opening your door.

Record who visited

Can playback the monitor feed to check who visited your house, while you were away.

Night Vision

Can view who's at the door, even during the night or in low light condition.

Great help for Elderly and disabled poeple

Wireless video door phone allows them to monitor the door from the comfort of their bed.

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